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Aquarium Filters

4pcs Pre Fish Tank Filter Sponge Intake Sponge Sale
$11.74 $11.74
(78) (82)
Aquarium Filter Intake Guard 12mm/16mm Sale
$9.99 $9.99
(38) (39)
Glass Outflow Lily Pipe Aquarium Pipe Fitting 12mm/16mm Sale
$20.72 $20.72
(64) (66)
1-6 Grids Acrylic Aquarium External Filter Box Sale
$14.48 $14.48
(55) (56)
Fish Tank Internal Air Driven Corner Filter Sponge Filter Sale
$9.99 $12.99
(45) (46)
Aquarium Air Driven Bio Sponge Filter Sale
$11.99 $15.99
(39) (41)
External Hang On Back Aquarium Filter 4.8W 380L/H Sale
$30.97 $30.97
(29) (31)
Hang On External Aquarium Canister Filter 3W 66Gal Sale
$16.99 $16.99
(14) (15)
Aquarium Turtle Tank Filter 3W 240L/H Sale
$12.99 $19.99
(62) (64)
Aquarium In-Tank Filter 5W 400L/H Sale
$14.02 $14.02
(24) (26)
Multi-Layer Corner Aquarium Media Filter Sale
$7.99 $11.99
(67) (70)
4 Grids Acrylic Aquarium Box Filter with UV Sterilizer Groove Sale
$39.38 $39.38
(55) (56)
Small Aquarium Sponge Filter Foam S/M/L Sale
$8.84 $8.84
(1) (5)
Stainless Steel Aquarium Filter Intake Guard 12mm/16mm Sale
$8.42 $8.42
(89) (92)
Hang On External Aquarium Filter with Surface Skimmer 3W Sale
$13.99 $18.99
(74) (75)
Aquarium Water Purifier Cube: Honeycomb Activated Carbon Sale
$7.99 $11.99
(46) (46)
Mini Aquarium Air Driven Sponge Filter Sale
$7.99 $11.99
(42) (46)
Aquarium UV Sterilizer Hood Cover Sale
$8.99 $11.99
(41) (41)
Quartz Aquarium UV Water Sterilizer 7W/11W Sale
$12.99 $18.99
(30) (30)
Aquarium Internal Bucket Filter Sale
$28.99 $34.99
(28) (28)
Fish Tank Bio Sponge Filter S/M/L Sale
$7.99 $9.99
(66) (67)
Fish Tank Skimmer Glass Aquarium Surface Skimmer 12mm/16mm Sale
$16.99 $19.99
(63) (64)
Aquarium UV Light Fish Tank UV Sterilizer 7W/11W Sale
$14.99 $14.99
(23) (25)
Aquarium Filters
The Aquarium Filters take all of the work out of the equation, keeping your tank cleaner for longer. SENZEAL has many professional aquarium filters such as External Hanging On Aquarium Filter, In-Tank Filter, Aquarium UV Sterilizer, Biochemical Sponge Filter, etc.. 

What is Aquarium Filters?

The reason for using filters in fish tanks is to remove substances from the water that may be harmful to fish. These include edible foods, decaying organic matter, floating particles, harmful chemicals and fish waste, according to the first guidelines. When too many particles stay in the tank for too long, the water becomes toxic. In fact, aquarium animals can be poisoned if fish poop doesn't pass through filters.

What is the Purpose of the Aquarium Filters?

Filters are basically used to remove debris from the water, remove toxins like ammonia and nitrates, and aerate the water so the fish can breathe.
There are three kinds of filtration: biological filtration, mechanical filtration and chemical filtration. Bio-filtration breaks down the toxic ammonia produced by fish as waste. All fish tanks must be bio-filtration; Bio-filtration is the cheapest, most efficient, and most stable way to break down toxic ammonia. Mechanical filtration removes plant leaves, uneaten food and other particles from the tank before they break down into ammonia. Chemical filtration can remove ammonia, heavy metals and dissolved organic matter by chemical adsorption.
Chemical filtration is mainly used to deal with short-term problems, such as removing drugs after they achieve their purpose, or purifying tap water before it enters the tank. A healthy tank does not require the use of chemical filters as activated carbon.
All fish tanks must be bio-filtration. While chemical filters can remove ammonia in limited circumstances, they are not a universal solution.

SENZEAL provides the aquarium filters for sale. If you are interested in our aquarium filter, please do not hesitate to contact us! Buy high quality and cheap aquarium filter on SENZEAL!
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