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4 Grids Acrylic Aquarium Box Filter with UV Sterilizer Groove

Multi-grids filter box: Can be combined with a variety of different filter materials (such as filter cotton, activated carbon, volcanic stone, etc.) to meet the different filtration needs. Built-in UV sterilizer groove, with black visor.
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    4 grids
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Size: 4 grids
4 Grids Acrylic Filter Box  Details:
Material: Acrylic
Color: Transparent & Black
Item thickness: 3mm/0.12"

4 Grids Acrylic Filter Box  Feature:
- Made of High transparency acrylic material, hardness is better than ordinary glass, durable and resistant to falling, not easy to break.
- 3 IN 1 Multi-grids Acrylic Filter Box: Pumping, filtering, and aeration. Hydroponics can be planted in the box to purify the water.
- Multi-grids filter tank: Can be combined with a variety of different filter materials (such as filter cotton, activated carbon, volcanic stone, etc.) to meet the different filtration needs.
- UV Sterilizer Groove: This enclosed part is made of light-proof black acrylic material, which protects the people and fish from UV injured.
- Water outlet partition design: The water outlet of the partition is undulating, effectively improving the direction of water flow and allowing water to flow into the filter material.
- Comes with drainage sheet: To improve the outlet effect of the waterfall and effectively increase dissolved oxygen.
- The hook can be adjustable from 3mm to 12mm (0.12"-0.47").
- Anti-overflow design: To prevent clogging and overflow.
- Equipped custom filter sponge: Anti-clogging design, which is good for drainage and can be reused for a long time.

4 Grids Acrylic Filter Box  Sweet Tips:
1. Suitable for 2W water pumps and just suitable for 3mm-12mm fish tank wall.
2. Before using, please wash once or twice with water.
3. The UV sterilizer needs to be 100% submerged in water.
4. Avoid exposure to the sun or keep it in a hot place for a long time.
5. When the hook is installed reversely, the water outlet faces the inner wall of the fish tank to achieve a silent water discharge effect.
6. This product includes a UV sterilizer function.
7. Gently discharge, take and install.
8. Please allow a little size error due to hand measure.

4 Grids Acrylic Filter Box  Package includes:

1 x Filter box
2 x Filter Sponges
1 x Black visor
1 x Hose
1x Acrylic tube
1 x Drainage sheet
2 x Hooks
5 x Screws

The Principle of Aquarium Filter:

The filtration of the fish tank is divided into physical filtration and biochemical filtration. Physical filtration mainly uses filter cotton to filter out some of the debris we can see, such as fish droppings and food residues.
The main role of biochemical filtration is nitrifying bacteria, including two completely different metabolic types: nitrous acid bacteria and nitric acid bacteria. It breaks down many substances that we can't see but is harmful to fish, the most important being ammonia and nitrous acid. The order of filtering is physical first, after biochemistry. Only when physical filtration and biochemical filtration work together can the ideal effect of filtration be achieved.
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