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Aquarium Air Equipment

Aquarium Air Equipment

The Aquarium Air Equipment is a very important accessory to keep the fish tank energetic. SENZEAL has many professional aquarium air equipment for sale such as Aquarium Air Bubble Stone with LED Light, Battery Air Pump, Aeration Bubble Release Bar, Airstone, etc.. 

Why We Need Aquarium Air Equipment

While watching the foam rise to the top may be enjoyable, that's not why we need it. Fish need to be dissolved oxygen in the water to survive. They absorb dissolved oxygen through their gills and produce carbon dioxide. When we have a lot of fish in a closed system, we don't have enough oxygen. Sooner or later the water will run out of oxygen and the fish will die.
A simple way to prevent fish from dying from lack of oxygen is to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. At the same time, we must remove the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. It requires accelerating the exchange of gases between water and the atmosphere.

How to Choose Aquarium Air Equipment 

There are no rules for choosing an air pump. Some air pumps depend on the size of the tank.
If you use an air pump that simply operates under a gravel filter and your aquarium is a standard size, the aquarium size rating on the air pump may be relevant. However, if you are using the air pump for other operations, or if your aquarium is not a standard size, the aquarium size rating for the air pump is highly irrelevant.

Here is some advice on choosing an air pump for your aquarium:
1. The more things you run from the pump, the more pumps you need; Instead, the less you run from the pump, the smaller the pump you need.
2. If your fish tank is deep, you will need a special deep-water air pump to push air below the surface.
The more resistance you have to push the air through, the more bubble stone you need. A large air stone provides more resistance than small air stone, and any air stone provides more resistance than no air stone. In addition, some types of air stone will provide even greater drag than others of the same size.
When choosing an air pump, choose one that is slightly larger than you initially thought you needed. This larger pump will help you make up for the underestimation when choosing the pump or provide a small expansion space if you decide what you want in the future.

SENZEAL provides the best fish tank air accessories for sale. If you are interested in our aquarium air equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us! Buy high-quality aquarium air equipment on SENZEAL!
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