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Aquariums & Fish Bowls
Fish Bowls
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Aquariums & Fish Bowls

Aquariums & Fish Bowls 

SENZEAL has many professional Aquariums & Fish Bowls available to you. Our fish aquarium bowl price is affordable. They would be the best choice for you!

SENZEAL Aquariums & Fish Bowls For sale

SENZEAL offers many different types of Aquariums & Fish Bowls for you, such as Triple Betta Tank with LED Lights, Double Betta Tank and Acrylic Turtle Tank, etc.. 

Things to Consider for Your Aquariums & Fish Bowls

1. Let's look at the size of the Aquariums & Fish Bowls. In general, the length of the Aquariums & Fish Bowls should not be less than 80 cm, if medium fish, preferably more than 1 m, if large fish, the glass bowl aquarium length is better than 1.2 m.

2. Let's look at the tank pump. The decisive factor in the size of the tank pump flow is the size of the tank and the size of the fish culture. If the tank is large, use a pump with a higher flow. This allows the tank to circulate water better and filter it better. If you have small fish, use a low-flow pump.

3. Let's look at the fish tank lamp. The color of the aquarium lamp has a lot of kinds, the standard that we set is the color that sees culture fish. If the color of the fish is red, such as parrotfish, then we should choose the red aquarium lamp, so that the color of the fish will be more vivid. If our fish are white, we use white lights. If it's a Marine fish, use a blue light. If you choose the lamp that is not appropriate, will seriously affect the beauty of ornamental fish oh. At the same time, the selection of lighting is also good for the growth of the fish itself.

4. Fish aquarium air filter equipment.The more fish tank filters, the better. Generally speaking, the water that the tank needs to filter should be filtered cotton first, not other materials such as coral sand. Filter cotton filter is our naked eye can see impurities such as fish excrement, did not eat up the feed, play a physical role. And coral sand and ceramic rings and other things that we don't see filtering out, biochemical effects. The function of both is different, the position that puts is different also, cannot replace.

5. Aquarium Temperature Control system. For tropical fish, our recommendation is that heating rods can be kept in a tank year-round. A lot of friends say, summer weather is hot, need not add warm. Summer weather is relatively hot, high temperature, the normal temperature can be suitable for the life of ornamental fish. However, a large number of friends have air conditioners in their homes or companies. The temperature of the air conditioner is generally around 25 degrees, which is a little low for some ornamental fish, so we have to warm it up.

Health Benefits of Keeping Aquariums & Fish Bowls

1. A clean aquarium can provide a good environment for fish to grow. Increase its activity. Then enhance the activity of the indoor environment, break the original closed feeling and bearing feeling.

2. Aquariums & fish bowls can relieve people's psychological tension and fatigue, and obtain happiness and comfort, which is of great benefit to people's physical and mental health.

3. We feed the fish and clean the tank every day. It is a practice of patience and carefulness.

4. Through fish culture, we have learned to appreciate, discover and even create beauty. For example, the combination of fish breeding and the addition of landscape in the small aquarium bowl, we not only create a world for fish but also create a world for ourselves to relax and relieve mental pressure.

SENZEAL specializes in aquariums & fish bowls and aquariums equipment. Whether you buy artificial aquariums for freshwater aquariums, special aquariums for Marine fish or saltwater coral reef aquariums, our aquariums experts will help you choose the most perfect aquariums. We also provide a wide range of aquarium supplies, including aquarium decoration, aquarium temperature controller, aquarium lighting, oxygen pumps, etc.
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