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Hang On External Aquarium Filter with Surface Skimmer 3W

External Aquarium Canister Filter with Surface Skimmer is hanging on type of fish tank waterfall filters, quiet and energy-efficient, easy to install and remove. Multifunctional Filter: Filtration, Oxygen Aeration, and Clearing Oil.
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    220V 110V
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    China United States
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Power: 3W Voltage: 220V, 110V
Hanging On External Fish Tank Filter with Surface Skimmer Details:  
- Material: Acrylic
- Power: 3W
- Max Flow Rate: 240L/H
- Voltage: 220V, 110V
- Frequency:
220V - 50Hz
110V - 60Hz
- Power Cord Length: 1.13m
Hanging On External Fish Tank Filter with Surface Skimmer Feature:
- This filter is made to hang on the back of your aquarium where space is limited, and the built-in sponge keeps excellent biochemical and physical filtration.
- With a surface skimmer, while filtering the water, it skims the oil slick off the water surface.
- It also has added enough oxygen for the tank due to the design with the water circulation system and returning water cascade.
- It has an adjustable flow rate and is easy to install, uninstall and maintain.          
- Optimal flow is realized by an adjustable flow regulating valve.
- 240L of water output per hour, suitable for fish tanks under 12 liters.
- All the parts are detachable.
- Filled with water before using this filter.
Hanging On External Fish Tank Filter with Surface Skimmer Package included:
1* filter
1* bio-sponge
1* water inlet pipe
2* extension tubes
1* surface skimmer
Why You Should Need An Aquarium Filter?
The water quality in the aquarium is an uncertain and dynamic environment. Filters keep the water in your aquarium clean by removing debris and toxins like ammonia, and nitrates. It can help oxygenate the water by creating surface agitation.

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