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Aquarium Pumps

Aquarium Pumps
The Aquarium pump is a very important accessory for the fish tank. SENZEAL has many professional aquarium pumps such as Submersible Water Pump, Submersible Aquarium Pump, Controllable Wavemaker, DC Water Pump with Controller. 

Why we need Aquarium Pumps

An air pump simply lets air pass through your fish tank. Air pumps serve two purposes. First, they make sure that your fish tank maintains an adequate oxygen concentration. As long as your tank keeps enough water flowing and surface stirring, there is no need for an air pump. But it always difficult to keep it. Second, an air pump can be used to force water through a filter. 
If you have a filter that is run by an air pump then the air pump is necessary because without it the filter will not operate and you won't have the benefit of a filter from your aquarium. An air pump is necessary if you have an action ornament that is run by an air pump and you want it to run as designed.

Air pumps have many uses. Some motion ornaments are moved by air, such as turning valves, rotating wheels, lifting objects, and so on. Some people like to put inflatable stones in the jars that bubble or give off a mist of air. Some filters, such as corner filters and gravel filters, are (or can be) driven by air and require an air pump. Some of them can also be driven by pumps. Underwater habitats for some semi-aquatic animals, such as salamanders, crabs, mud-skippers and some frogs or shrimp, also require an air pump to keep fresh air circulating into the enclosure, so that the animals do not crawl into an airless environment. Air pumps can also be used to generate an electric current in the water to prevent parts of the tank from becoming stagnant.

How does Aquarium Pumps work 

Aquarium Pumps can help exchange tank gases. Water dissolves oxygen and other gases in the air and releases excess carbon dioxide and other gases into the air. By increasing the surface area of the water, each bubble gives the water an opportunity to further release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. However, this improvement in the air pump is masked by improvements in the circulation of the air pump. The improved circulatory system will transport high-oxygen water from the bottom of the tank to its surface, allowing water with more carbon dioxide and less oxygen to reach the tank's surface, where it can release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. Of course, if you already have a good filter that provides enough water circulation, that's best.

SENZEAL provides the fish tank pumps for sale. If you are interested in our aquarium fish tank pump, please do not hesitate to contact us! Buy a high-quality fish pump and filter on SENZEAL!
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