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Aquarium Filter Medias Carbon Filter (Various Type)

12 kinds of filter materials, different combinations. Resist algae breeding, stable PH value and accelerate the nitrifying bacteria formation.
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    Ceramic ring Technology red ring Activated carbon Volcanic stone Hexagon ring Medical stone Technology white ring Bio Ball Bacterial ball Bacterial house 10 in 1 12 in 1
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Aquarium Filter Medias Details:
- Weight: about 520g per 1 pack
- Package Includes: 1 pack filter material
Aquarium Filter Medias Feature:
1. Forged at high temperatures to reduce flaking and erosion.
2. Resolve impurities, stabilize PH, reduces ammonia and nitrate levels.
3. Clarify your water naturally, encourages the growth of biological colonies and holds large amounts of good bacteria.
4. The circular ring design has an optimum pore structure which allows water to flow easily over, and around the ring allowing beneficial bacteria to flourish.
5. Effectively absorbs particles and debris.
6. Hollow in the filter material:
- There is a hollow in the middle of the biological column filtering medium, can provide an anaerobic environment, reducing the content of nitrates in water, and promote more healthy water quality.
7. Works for any tank:
- This aquarium biological filter is great for any freshwater or saltwater fish tank or mini-reef aquarium. Easy to wash and clean. Fits for freshwater and seawater.
8. The filter media bag is reusable.
9. Multiple combinations, meet your different needs:
- Single variety in one bag.
- 10-in-1 in one bag.
- 12-in-1 in one bag.
Aquarium Filter Medias Sweet tips:
1. It is very important, before using it, just rinse and soak with clean water first.
In the event of excessive buildup, you may gently rinse with water from an established aquarium, if desired.
2. Activated carbon: Remember not to wash and stir with your hands, or will destroy the activated carbon pore size! Slightly washing is enough.
3. Recommended to clean the filter media once a week. And replace it every six months to achieve better filtration.
4. If the materials are broken, will not affect the filtration effect, please be free to use it.
Aquarium Filter Medias Notice:
1. Only the 12-in-1 includes all of the filter media.
2. 10-in-1 does not include the bio ball and activated carbon.
3. Please allow 1-5 g error due to manual measurement.
4. Because of temperature and humidity, these bio balls might have chances to change the color sometimes, but the function totally the same.
Average rating: 5.0 based on 9 reviews
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