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Aquarium Filter Media

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Aquarium Filter Media
The aquarium filter media is a very important part of aquarium filter. SENZEAL has many professional aquarium filter media such as Filter Medias, Bio Balls Filter.

What is Aquarium Filter Media

A biological filter is a water filtration system that relies on natural elements like microorganisms and bacteria to serve as the primary filtration apparatus.
The most obvious part of your biofilter is the filter itself. There are many types, but all contain filters made up of carbon and biological filters. Biofiltration media is the substrate for microbial growth. It usually looks like blue floss, but can also be a sponge or rubber pad. It's important never to use anything stronger than warm water to clean this because you don't want to kill the small animals that grow in it and make it work.

Biofilters from Aquarium Filter Media 

Biofilters allow bacterial colonies to multiply and break down waste. Biofiltration is when bacteria break down dangerous ammonia in a pool, converting it into nitrite, which is then converted into the less toxic nitrate. Nitrates are harmful to many invertebrates in high concentrations. The process of biofiltration, also known as the nitrogen cycle, involves the movement of hazardous waste through the filter. Biofilters should be checked regularly to ensure that particles do not escape the mechanical filter, clog the biofilter and reduce efficiency.

SENZEAL provides the best aquarium filter media for a fish tank for you. If you are interested in our aquarium water heater, please do not hesitate to contact us! Buy high-quality aquarium filter media on SENZEAL!
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