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HBG Submersible Aquarium Heater 220V 100W/300W/500W

HBG Submersible Aquarium Heater made of high borosilicate glass, which is explosion-proof, prevents electricity leakage and ensures safe operation. It temp Range is 20℃~34℃(68℉-93℉), fits for 11-80 us gal Fish Tank.
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Voltage: 100W, 300W, 500W
HBG Submersible Aquarium Heater Details:
- Made of High Borosilicate Glass
- Color: Black
- Power: 100W/300W/500W
- Voltage: 220V
- Frequency: 50-60Hz
- 2 Model Display: ℉ or ℃
- Temp Exactness: ±2℃
- Applicable:
100W fits for 40~65L (11-18 us gal) fish tank
300W fits for 100~200L (27-53 us gal) fish tank
500W fits for 200~300L (53-80 us gal) fish tank
- Power Cord Length:
100W/300W - 0.9m/35.5"
500W - 1.4m/55.12"

HBG Submersible Aquarium Heater Feature:
- Made of High Borosilicate Glass, thicker than normal aquarium heaters, much safer for both humans and animals.
- Aquarium heater has 2*suction cups for attachment to the fish tank AND 1*protective black case. You can install it from the bottom of the heater.
- Aquarium heater works in intermittent operation mode and will automatically turn on/off to achieve the setting temperature constantly and stable.
- Setting the temperature by the red switch on the top with range is 20℃ - 34℃ (68℉- 93℉). Power on, then Heater indicator lights up.
- Suitable for freshwater and saltwater.

HBG Submersible Aquarium Heater Attention:
- Before powering, Make the heater completely submerged in the water. It is important that the heater can not remain on while being out of the water because this can lead to malfunctioning or broken glass.
- Before you clean the aquarium or change the water, please must cut off the heater power, after 10-minute cooling then take out the heater.
- You can put it totally inside water vertically, horizontally or 45-degree angle, but vertical recommended. Keep the aquarium heater fully submerged in water.
- Prohibited Heater DIRECTLY contacts with a fish tank or BURY it in the aquarium sand.
- Please clean the heater regularly to remove dirt from the heating tube and keep it in good working condition.
- Do not wash with any liquid other than clean water.
- Do not use sharp objects to pry the heater casing, otherwise, the heater may be damaged.
- Please check if the heater or power cord is broken. If it breaks, please stop using it immediately.
- The heater is only suitable for aquarium, please do not use it for other purposes.
- This product is Not suitable for turtle tanks!

HBG Submersible Aquarium Heater Sweet Tips:
- A good temperature range for most fishes is 25℃ to 27℃ (76℉ - 80℉).
- Check the heater regularly to see if there is any abnormality.
- Heater Service Life Recommended: Every two years a change.
- It is not recommended to place it in a place where water is running out (such as the water pump outlet), which will result in heat loss.
- When installing the suction cup, please try to avoid installing the suction cup on the heater heating part.
- There is fog inside the heater, which is a normal physical phenomenon. When the heater is rapidly heated, the temperature inside the tube rises sharply. The water temperature is too low first, and the heater tube body is a sealed environment. Cold outside and hot inside can produce this phenomenon.

How To Use Aquarium Heater?
The fish tank aquarium heater on the market are designed very reasonably. Most of them are thermostat settings, that is, they will work only when the set temperature is not reached. It is automatically turned off temporarily, so the method of use is also very simple. Just put the fish tank heater into the aquarium after setting the temperature, and it can be energized after it is completely out of the water.
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