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Adjustable LED Aquarium Light 5W/8W/10W/11W/13W/16W/20W

Extendable LED Light with x2 extendable bracket to adjust the length to fit your fish tank. It fits 20cm/8" to 70cm/27"tank length.
We offer 220V EU plug and 110V US plug, 1000LM/2000LM/2500LM/3500LM can be available. 10000K color temperature.
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  • Voltage:
    5W 110V 8W 110V 11W 110V 16W 110V 6W 220V 10W 220V 13W 220V 20W 220V
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Color: White Power: 5W, 8W, 11W, 16W, 10W, 6W, 13W, 20W Voltage: 220V, 110V Fit Tank Size: 8"-27"
Extendable LED Aquarium Light Details:
- Applicable:

  5W fits for 20cm / 8" - 30cm / 12"
  6W fits for 20cm/8" - 30cm/12"
  8W fits for 30cm / 12" - 40cm / 16"
 10W fits for 30cm/12" - 40cm/16"
 11W fits for 40cm / 16" - 50cm / 20"
 13W fits for 40cm/16" - 50cm/20"
 16W fits for 60cm / 24" - 70cm / 27"
 20W fits for 60cm/24" - 70cm/27"
- Shell colour: White
- Shell material: ABS
- LED chip model: 5730
- Lamp bead amount:
5W   --- 24 pcs
   6W   --- 30 pcs
   8W   --- 40 pcs
  10W  --- 48 pcs
  11W --- 56 pcs
  13W --- 66pcs
  16W --- 88 pcs
  20W --- 96pcs
- Colour of light: White & blue
- Colour temperature: 10000K
- Wattage & Lumen:
 5W   --- 1000LM
  6W  --- 1000LM
  8W   --- 2000LM
  10W --- 2000LM
  11W --- 2500LM
  13W --- 2500LM
  16W --- 3500LM
 20W --- 3500LM
- Voltage & HZ:
  220V 50-60HZ
  110V 50-60HZ
- CRI: 87.5
-5W/8W/11W/16W Electric wire length: 1.4m
-6W/10W/13W/20W Electric wire length: 1.2m

Extendable LED Aquarium Light Features:
1. Adjustable mounting legs allow for flexibility in fitting the length of the aquarium.
2. Fish tank light is UV-free and nonradiative for your plants & fishes.
3. Perfect for fish and plant growth. This light is suitable for freshwater.
4. It fits both rimless and framed aquariums.

Proper Use of Tank Lighting Equipment:
The intensity of the light, if the capacity of the aquarium is estimated, about 0.7-1.5W per liter of water is required. It is recommended to select a lighting device with a color temperature of 6500K-7500K for better viewing. Lighting equipment must pay attention to the daily time to open so that the bacteria in the tank to cultivate a regular cycle of activity, regular lighting and appropriate light source to help the biological life and photosynthesis. Users who are busy can use timer assistance, and the daily lighting time is preferably controlled between 8-12 hours.
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