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Aquarium Light>>>

Aquarium Light Show | Don't you wanna own one of it?
It's so cool to have such a beautiful fish tank which is landscaped by yourself in the dormitory!


Aquarium Colorful LED Light
Suitable for ≤30cm/12" fish tank, Changeable color light through the independent switch: ①white-blue ②colorful ③white-blue & colorful. Colorful light makes the fish more lively and lovely. Let's shopping!


Fish Tank Light: X7 Aquarium Light 15W
Double head aquarium light, easy clip-on, perfects for shining the whole fish tank. Positive color temperature, beneficial to grow plants. UV-free and nonradiative. Senzeal aquarium light is your best choice!


Aquarium Extendable LED Light
Extendable double head clip lamp ensures the full light to the whole tank. The largest stretch-out brackets are available for fish tank width at most 70cm. Useful and User-friendly design takes good considerations for aquarium hobbyists.


Aquarium Light Show
Various Different Aquarium LED Light on senzeal.com - Match Each "Your Needs"!


Fashion X5 Aquarium Light 10W | White
Suitable for 25cm to 40cm (10"-16") fish tank, white color temperature between 8000k-12000k, nonradiative to your fish and beneficial to your plants. X5 Aquarium Lamp 2 colors style, choose at your heart.


High Configuration X9 Aquarium Light 15W with LCD Display
With a temperature probe; LCD Display allows temperature measurement. Touch the button continuously (long press) to adjust the light color (brightness). High Configuration X9 Aquarium Light, you deserve it!


M3 Fish Tank LED Light 5W
No dead ends clip-on Aquarium Lamp, even available for the fish tank corner. Nonradiative and beneficial to your fish & plants.


Aquarium Light | X3 Fish Tank Light 6W
Clip-on Aquarium Lamp, Black color design shows high-level unique taste. Non-toxic and beneficial to your fish & plant growth.


Sleek X9 Aquarium Light 15W | Black
Sleek design, smooth line, perfect lighting, waft your elegant taste. Fishes need it! Let them shining under the luster. X9 Aquarium Light makes it possible!



Portable X5 Aquarium Light 10W | Black
The fish tank becomes more charming under the beautiful lights. Your fish pets would like it when swimming through pretty natural "sunlight". X5 series aquarium lights meet your needs!


Glorious X9 Fish Tank Light 15W | Gray
How to achieve attractive and useful at the same time? Senzeal X9 LED Light did it! Gray appearance is low-key and steady calm. But the light shines around the whole. The contrast makes it even more lovely.


Aquarium Filter>>>

New Arrival! Blue Square Mini Sponge Bubble Filter
Using high-density sponge filter and high-performance activated carbon as filter material. Can absorb dirt, quickly resolve fish feces and eliminate smell in the water. Achieve oxygenation and bio-filtration double effect, keep the water clean.


Filtration System | Vital to Your Fish Tank
Kinds of different filters are here showing functions. External and internal use meets your needs. Senzeal provides stylish & useful filters for aquarium hobbyists purifying your tank water. Give FIshes and plants a better environment!


Aquarium Mini Sponge Filter Fits for Shaped Tanks
Mini style, small and exquisite, internal air stone. Allows for use in shaped fish tanks or mini tanks. When you are confusing about how to get the best slight filter. Choose it!


Bottom Divider / Isolation Board helps you better landscaping
4PCS sell. Black color. Made of plastic. It can prevent the deposition of undesirable substances and can be cut casually to what you want, especially when it works best: As an isolation layer that gets dirt or other things away from the submersible bottom suction water pump, which efficiently prevents inhalation of gravels leading to block the bottom water intake of the water pump.


External Waterfall Filter: The Best Filter for Fish Tanks
Hanging-on design, support for larger fish tanks use. Natural waterfall effect achieved by a water filtering circulation. Flow knob adjusts the liters per hour. What are you waiting for? Come and take measures Right Now~


The Best Water Filter for The Turtle Tank!
It can be used even under the water levels as low as 5cm! Ultra-quiet design will not disturb your sweet dream. Water quality is vital. Turtles also want to get a parallel treat as fishes, so please take care of them.


External Hanging-On Aquarium Filter
Quiet and energy-efficient, easy to use and install. Filtration, Oxygen Aeration and Clearing Oil-film Function: A variety of functions provided by ultra-thin design filter.


Fish Tank Filter Media Box | Acrylic Filter Box: 3 Grids
Multi-grids design, compact and transparent. Good choice for water-purifying circulation. You can put any filter media as you want. Need to be used with a water pump.


Glass Outflow Pipe | Lily Pipe
Sliding Pipe Outflow above the waterline allows it to serve as an aerator which eliminates oily surface film. At the same time, the unique design pipe could help widen the flow and provide a nice gentle flow throughout the tank


Fish Tank Filter Media Box | Acrylic Filter Box: 2 Grids
Multi-grids design, compact and transparent. Good choice for water-purifying circulation. You can put any filter media as you want. Need to be used with a water pump.


New Arrival!! Air-Driven Bio-Sponge Filter
Energy-saving, no gaps in the sponge, no noise. Allows filter material DIY in 2 green filtration boxes. Used with aeration pump, effectively functions aeration and filtering in one, brings a better environment for fishes.


Good Removal Tool for Harmful Impurities: Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter
Round cylinder design, can be rotated 360°. Suitable for all kinds of fish tanks. It improves the water PH value through layers of filter media. The sponge efficiently isolates dirt from the water. Energy-saving and environment protective.


The Best Tool for Aquarium Water Quality Cleaning | Acrylic Filter Box: 4 Grids
Multi-grids design, compact and transparent. Good choice for water-purifying circulation. You can put any filter media as you want. Need to be used with a water pump.


Aquarium Filtration: Acrylic Filter Box with Multiple Specifications
Multi-grids design, compact and transparent. Good choice for water-purifying circulation. Adjustable hook: The adjustable range is 6mm-1cm (0.24"-0.39"). You can put any filter media as you want. Need to be used with a water pump.

Aquarium Cleaners>>>

Got it! Clean Your Aquarium Efficiently: 5-in-1 Cleaning Tool Kit Extension Type
Algae scraper, fishnet, gravel rake, plant fork, cleaning sponge, freely replace the installation. 5-in-1 Cleaning Kit saves space in your house, plays excellent functions to help you clean!


Capture Leeches or Planaria Quickly! | Use 8 Holes Planaria Trap
Set up traps in your aquarium! Capturing the annoying Leeches or Planaria quickly and efficiently! Put something inside as bait, then fill water & place it with holes facing down soil bed. The next day, you will see the results!

Aquarium Pump>>>

Easy to Change Fish Tank Water! Black Submersible Water Pump
Flexible water-flow control by a rotated knob, 100% submersible low power consumption and low noise. Come with 2X Nozzles fits for different water pipes. Suitable for freshwater and seawater.


Utility Submersible Water Pump: Best Powerful Water Pump
Multi-functional Submersible pump = Add water+Change. This water pump is designed for reliability and ultra-quiet operation to provide years of service, energy-saving, and low power consumption.

Aquarium Plant Care>>>

Co2 Diffuser: Another Beautiful View in Your Fish Tank!
Designed for aquarium, grass tank, simple and light, not taking up space. Non-blocking, even flow, function two in one. Another beautiful view in your fish tank!


Aquarium Co2 Diffuser: Do You Want to Control The Co2 Balance Easily?
Special U-shaped design. Non-blocking, even flow, function two in one. Suitable for aquarium, grass tank, simple and light, not taking up space.


The Best Cute Co2 Monitor
Used with the test reagents, observe the Co2 content in your tank. Real-time control of the Co2 balance provides a good growth environment for fish and aquatic plants.

Aquarium Fish Breeding Supplies>>>

Multi-functional Breeding Tank
This product is suitable for isolate injured fish, pregnant fish or aggressive fish. With flexible suckers, and have a removable partition. Give your fish a better safe environment.


Vital Tool for Fish Breeding: Fish Isolation Box
L-shaped air connector for easy connection of the air pump to increase the oxygen in the box. Moveable separated & adjustable design with suction cups shows impressive usefulness.

Aquarium Decor>>>

How to Pot Aquarium Plants
Available for aquarium planting or water grass showing. Movable plant pot luster your aquarium!

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