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Controllable Fish Tank Wave Maker 10W/25W/40W

Controllable Fish Tank Wave Maker can simulate nature and provide a more comfortable living environment for fish. The unique control system, a variety of wave-making modes and functions, basically meets the waveforms required by users.
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  • Vlotage:
    24V 10W 24V 25W 24V 40W
(150 available)
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Voltage: 24V Power: 10W, 25W, 40W
Wave Maker Details:
- Material: ABS.
- Size: As shown
- Color: Black
- Input: 100V~240V----2.0A, 50/60Hz
- Output: 24.0V----2.5A
- Waterproof: IPX8
- Power: 10W/25W/40W
- Max. Water Flow:
10W - 4000L/H
25W - 8000L/H
40W - 13000L/H
- Applicable Fish Tank:
10W - 60cm
25W - 80cm
40W - 120cm
- Power cord length:
10W/25W - 3.7m
40W - 5.1m

WaveMaker Feature:
1. Adjustable flow rate and frequency. Wavemaker mode from M1 - M5. Switches by "Night Mode" Button.
- M1: Fixed wave-making mode. Flow control by "M6" and "Fish" Button.
- M2: Classical wave-making mode. This mode needs to adjust the wave shape and period with the knob.
- M3: Wave-making switchover mode. This mode is suitable for 2 wave-making pumps.
- M4: Sinusoidal waveform mode. Flow control by "M6" and "Fish" Button.
- M5: Irregular wave-making mode. Flow control by "M6" and "Fish" Button.
2. Reverse automatic cleaning: Long press the "M6" button. Clean the impurities on the surface of the pump body, more convenient.
3. Feeding function: Stop running for 10 minutes for easy feeding. Switches by long-press the "Fish" Button.
4. Lock mode: prevent accidental touch. Control by long-press the "M6" button.
5. Night mode (light control): Long press the "Night Mode" Button to start & stop.
6. Wireless linkage function: Suitable for at least 2 wavemakers. Found the details in instructions.
7. Quickly clean up fish food and fish manure , and reduce nitrate to deteriorate water quality.
8. Imitation car steering gear, this product can be rotated 180°.
9. The suction cup has a strong suction force. It is only necessary to move the suction cup from the fish tank outside to adjust the position of the pump. 

WaveMaker Attention:
1. Only suitable for indoor use. Protect the controller and adapter from water.
2. When installing, the magnet needs to slightly slide and pull.
3. When using, please avoid the water drop entering the socket and causing short circuit.
4. Do not use this product in flammable liquids.
5. Do not lift the pump by the cable, avoid the wiring broken.
6. Please do not open or repair the controller and adapter by yourself.
7. No-water operation is prohibited.
8. Installation instructions:
- Remove the rear magnetic suction cup on the Wave Maker Pump body bracket and install the pump body in the proper position on the inside the fish tank.
- The rubber suction cup is sucked into the inner wall of the fish tank, and then the rear magnetic suction cup moved obliquely to the outer wall. Since the magnet has a large suction force, please be careful to handle it.
9. Non-professionals and children should stay away from this product.
10. Suitable for seawater and freshwater.

WaveMaker Cleaning and Maintenance:
1. It needs 100% submerged in water.
2. Please clean regularly to ensure its effective operation.
3. When cleaning the dirt inside the pump body, open it by rotating the front net.
4. The direction of rotation: Clockwise Lock, Counterclockwise Open.
5. Wipe the blade with a soft cloth and wash the pump body with water.
6. If there is water on the surface of the controller, dry it to prevent water from entering it.
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