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The Correct Way to Keep Guppy

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As one of the most common types of tropical fish, the guppy not only has the superior body shape and beautiful body colors but also has a relatively cheap price. Therefore, it is favored and loved by the majority of fish lovers. It is said that many breeding masters keep guppies at the beginning. Since so many people like guppies, how to properly keep them has become a concern for guppy lovers. We hope this article can help you to properly keep guppies well and make them more beautiful and healthy.


1. Aquarium Water Temperature

As we all know, for fishes, their living environment is water, water temperature and water quality are very important to them. Guppy has strong adaptability to the environment, and they do not have high requirements for water. Suitable water temperature for them to live is 18-24 °C. In general, normal indoor temperature can satisfy them. In the winter, it is best to use an aquarium heater to control the water temperature to about 22 °C. It doesn't matter if the water temperature is a little higher, it will promote the activity of guppies, and it can also enhance their body immunity! Try to use this Submersible Aquarium Heater. It is made of high borosilicate glass, and is explosion-proof, prevents electricity leakage, ensures safe operation.


2. Feed

The feed of guppy can be divided into two types. One is the artificial feed sold in stores, and the other is the live bait. There are many types of artificial feeds available on the market, which can be divided into three types: flake feed, pellet feed, and frozen feed. The best live bait is the silkworm. Its nutrition value is very high, and it can survive in the aquarium for a long time, making it convenient for guppies to eat at any time. Besides, silkworms can also be used as medicine baits. If the guppies need to be supplemented with medicines, you can feed silkworms with medicines first and then feed guppies with these silkworms. Therefore, the silkworm is the perfect live bait. How to feed them with worms? You can use this Multi-Function Red Worms Feeder. Flakes and worms can be fed to them with this feeder. It is also convenient to use and easy to clean. However, since silkworms live in the wild, even if they have been sterilized, parasites might remain in their bodies, so it is best to clean them before feeding. Our feeder can also help you to clean the worms before feeding as it comes with a suction cup. The brine shrimp, also known as the naupliar larva, is also a good live bait. After hatching of the brine shrimp eggs, they should be fed to the guppies as soon as possible, otherwise, their nutrition value will be reduced. If you have excess brine shrimp eggs, you can freeze them first and thaw them before the next feeding.


3. Feeding

Newborn guppy juveniles can be fed less. As they cannot eat too much, if you feed them more feed, the excess feed will contaminate the fish tank water. Usually, before realizing guppies' gender, you can try to feed them with high-protein feed. After distinguishing their gender, the female guppies and the male guppies can be kept separately. Male guppies are not suitable for eating too much high-protein feed. On the contrary, female guppies can be fed with high-protein feed, and their body shape will become more rounded. It should also be noted that if the feeding times increase, water should be changed more frequently for avoiding deterioration of water quality, which will harm the health of guppies. Adult guppies are very fond of every feed. However, it is not possible to permanently feed them with only one feed, which will cause their unbalanced nutrients and thus affect their growth rate. In addition, you should feed some live baits to strengthen the nutrition of the guppies.

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