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By Senzeal | 17 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Why do we need the birthing tank for fish?

Why do we need the birthing tank for fish?

According to the natural law of survival of the fittest, it’s by no means easy for any being to win a birth. In the fish world, the breeding of each kind of egg-laying fish is conducted in a special incubation way such as matrix breeding and mouth hatching breeding, which are both interesting and warm.

A pipe along the body’s inner face is designed in the birthing tank for fish. According to the anti-gas-lift theory,(with the addition of a regulating valve)fish eggs can still be in a rolling state in a controllable dynamic flow. Therefore, a stable cyclic flow is formed, in which fish eggs are turning over again and again evenly and gently, to provide fish eggs with an incubation environment full of oxygen.

The birthing tank for fish is designed to enable fresh water to circulate nourishing fish eggs that have been away from the parent body. Fresh and clean water enables the whole incubation process to be conducted in an oxygen-rich environment, in which the growth of mold and fungi is repressed without any help of chemicals.

The slight rolling motion led by the birthing tank for fish can simulate the normal incubation of its inner fish based on the premise that fish are hatched in the same aquarium with the same water environment. The birthing tank for fish is also a necessity to help the incubation of other non-stick fish by preventing the rolling of fungi. The birthing tank for fish can help improve the rate of incubation and survival by warding off adult fish’s attack on fish eggs and fry.

 It’s necessary to buy a birthing tank for fish if you want to increase fish eggs’ rate of survival. Made of Acrylic, the birthing tank for fish of Senzeal brand adopts the transparent design so that customers can clearly observe the process of incubation. Gas-guide tubes with great breathability are also adopted in order to provide enough oxygen for fish eggs. The regulator in the birthing tank for fish enables you to adjust the gas volume at any time according to the actual condition so that the process of incubation will be more smooth and successful. Our products are trustworthy and reliable. Don not hesitate, buy them now!

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