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By Lorraine | 19 May 2020 | 0 Comments

Learn About What Food I Can Feed the Turtle


Before discussing what foods can be fed to turtles, you need to understand what they can’t eat and what harms the inedible food that might cause turtles. 
What can not be fed to the turtle? In the wild, there is very little chance that the turtle can eat a lot. You may need a
turtle food dispenser. Turtles just don't know if they can have another meal or when they can have. This is why your turtle has never been full. They will keep eating.
This is also why your turtle seems to eat anything, especially if it is meat. Fried, roasted, raw, anything.
There are many foods you should not feed your turtles, such as chocolate, cheese, and chips. But, did you know that it is probably a good idea to avoid feeding them raw meat and fish, and feeding fish and most fruits.
This is because, although turtles eat almost anything, they do need to follow a specific diet.


What food is harmful to turtles?

The food contains a lot of calcium and a small amount of phosphorus. Turtles need phosphorus in their diets, but too much phosphorus basically offsets calcium. Kale is an important source of calcium for your turtle.
Avoid eating fatty foods frequently. If the turtle eats too much fat, it can cause kidney problems and lead to obesity.
Turtles need protein foods when they are young. Don't feed your turtles high-carb and protein foods. Because when they were young, they needed protein in order to grow. However, too much protein can cause the shell to accumulate (the shell grows too fast).
What can I use to feed my turtle? Basically, for most pet turtles, they need two staple foods:
An everyday vegetable or plant.
Adult tortoises consume 2-3 times the protein per week (young tortoises 4-6 times per week).
Some common, healthy vegetables or plant foods, such as kale, romaine lettuce, Anacharis / Elodea.
As for protein, there is nothing better than a pet turtle ball.


What foods are harmful to turtles?

Although you may think that it is healthy for some turtles to feed your food, in my opinion, it is better to feed them less or not at all.
Raw meat, fish or chicken
Wild turtles have little chance of eating raw meat, especially chicken or beef. However, they eat dead fish.
So why should you avoid feeding your turtles raw meat?
This is because the biggest risk is that raw meat may contain parasites. For turtles, its protein content is too high.
Occasionally eating a small portion of cooked (and unsalted) fish or chicken is OK.
feeder fish
Feeding fish to small pet turtles maybe something many aquarium owners will do. They use fish as part of the turtle's daily diet.
However, it is a good idea to feed turtles as a treat. But pay attention to frequency and dosage; feed turtles once or twice a month with feeder fish.
A big problem with fish used as feed for turtles is that many types of fish are too high in fat and may contain diseases, parasites, or bacteria, and when your turtle eats them, the bones may get stuck in its throat. If you really want to feed your turtle fish, like small seabass, bluegills, and crabs, these are good feeding suggestions. You should avoid feeding your turtle goldfish, blackhead minnows, exotic fish, and dangerous fish.
Although fruit is healthy for humans, it is best not to feed fruit for your turtle often, especially if you have an aquatic turtle.
Before feeding your turtle with fruit, you need to find more information about its specific species, because some turtles are better at digesting fruits than others.
In general, it is possible to eat these fruits in moderation and occasionally as a treat: cantaloupe, watermelon, mango, and papaya.
Now, even if you have never studied this topic, you may already have a good idea of food that should not be fed to your turtle. Basically, it can be summarized as follows.
Anything for human consumption. This means that turtles can't eat fried chicken or roasted chicken, french fries, or tomato sauce. If it is a snack, a meal, or anything you want to eat, you better not let your turtle eat it.
Avoid feeding your turtle raw meat, fish, and fruits unless in limited circumstances.
Kale, romaine lettuce, and aquatic plants are the best vegetables and plant staples. Use turtle balls as your protein staple.
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