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By Lorraine | 16 July 2020 | 0 Comments

Fish tank selection guide

There are many kinds of ornamental fish tanks in the aquarium market. 
First of all, let's simply classify so many fish tanks on the market. It can be divided into two categories, one is the finished sleeve cylinder, and the other is the non-finished sleeve cylinder. 
What does that mean? First of all, the first type of finished set of tanks is the fish tank with a cover, including lights and filters, which are all equipped. This is indeed more convenient, without the tedious choice of accessories.

senzeal fish tank

Non-finished sets of tanks are some separate fish tanks. There are different sizes and many specifications, as small as 20 cm, as large as 80 cm, and even one meter. Non-finished tanks are relatively flexible, but this requires you to equip the fish tank with filters and lighting equipment, which is more troublesome.

Advantages and disadvantages of finished cylinders
First of all, let's take a look at the finished set of tanks. This kind of fish tank is actually much more convenient. You don't need to equip yourself with filtering and lighting. It is also very simple. Buy it at home, fill it with water, open the filter, and after about 7 days, you can put the ornamental fish in.

However, this fish tank has a very big shortcoming, and many friends who have just started fish farming may not notice it. That is the problem with its filter system design. In other words, the filtration system of this fish tank is not powerful enough. Because the filter pump of this fish tank uses a three-in-one pump head, it has a leaf fan in the middle. 
After the pump pumps up the water, the leaf fan will smash the fish dung that is pumped up, and then spray the fish dung through the middle sprinkler head, which is the function of aeration. 
Therefore, it cannot effectively pump some fish droppings onto the filter tank. In addition, the filter tank that has been prepared is actually relatively small in volume, so there are not many filter materials that can be put in. Therefore, the combination of these two situations cannot achieve a powerful filtering effect. It simply realized the full flow of water in the fish tank.

senzeal aquarium

Advantages and disadvantages of non-finished sleeve cylinders
Next, let's take a look at the non-finished tank. Although this kind of fish tank requires you to combine it yourself, it is very flexible. We can choose more suitable filtering equipment according to the species of ornamental fish to be raised. And in the choice of lamps, there are many options. 
Especially for those who like to design and like aquarium landscaping, this kind of aquarium can allow you to design. And it is relatively easy to operate because there is no cover on it to hinder us. 
The disadvantage is also obvious, that is, before the fish tank is completed, you need to understand some filter equipment models and lamp models. In other words, it takes some time to learn more relevant knowledge.
The above is the comparison and analysis of two commonly used fish tanks in the market, which can help you to select the suitable fish tank.

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