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Aquarium Mist Maker

Aquarium Mist Maker can be made a large amount of fog. Aerosolized amount≥350ml/H. Ultra-quiet, zero-radiation, more peaceful for family and pets.
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Plug: US, EU
Aquarium Mist Maker Details: 
Mist Maker Size: 4.5 cm in diameter
- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Power: 19W
- Voltage: AC/DC 24V
- Input: AC/DC 24V
- Aerosolized amount: ≥350ml/H
- Power Adapter:
Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60HZ
Output: DC 24V
- Atomizing slice frequency: 1700±50 (kHz)
- Effective water level: 2cm below the water
- Size: as the picture shows
Atomizing slice diameter: 2cm
- Power cord length: 2.2m (86.6 inches)

Aquarium Mist Maker Feature:
1. Aluminum alloy casing: good pressure, and bending resistance; Resin sealant: good waterproof.
2. Ultrasonic vibration Turns water into mist by vibration at an extremely fast frequency.
3. Can atomize water and humidify the air to increase the aesthetics of the aquarium, and meet the moist environment required by aquatic pets.
4. Ultra-quiet, zero-radiation, more peaceful for family and pets.
5. Safe and easy to operate. 24V safe voltage. Plugin the power and put it into the water to work.
6. A large amount of fog. Aerosolized amount≥350ml/H, can create a dreamlike scene for you.
7. With the water level sensor:
- If the water level is lower than the sensor, the atomizer will automatically stop working.
8. Wide application:
- Ideal for indoor or outdoor fountains, water feature, and office use. Perfects for use it in your pond, rockery, fish tank, vase, birdbath, etc, then it will create a magical atmosphere.

Aquarium Mist Maker Notice:
1. Do not turn over the mist maker when the switch is turned on, keep upright, or it may damage the atomizer.
2. Please keep the water level higher than the nozzle 2~4cm to get the best atomization effect.
3. Suggest that the daily running time is less than 10 hours, otherwise, the life of atomizing slice will be shorted.
4. Don't touch the atomizing slice while the product is working.
5. Ensure the water at high quality, use clean tap water. (water quality deterioration may influence the lifetime)
6. Please switch off the power before movement or maintenance.
7. The atomizing slice is consumable, and its service life is ≥3000 hours.
- If marked reduction of mist present, please clean atomizing slice with a cotton swab. (don't need to use any detergent)
8. The atomization process may sputter water droplets, this is a normal phenomenon.
9. The atomizing slice can be replaced, but we do not provide it separately.

Aquarium Mist Maker Package included:
1 x Mist maker
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