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Aquarium Pumps & Filters

Aquarium Pumps & Filters
Aquarium Pumps & Filters ensure the health & vitality of your fish by maintaining water quality & the beauty of your tank. SENZEAL has many professional Aquarium Pumps & Filters available to you.

SENZEAL Aquarium Pumps & Filters For sale 

SENZEAL offers many different types of Aquarium Pumps & Filters for sale, such as External Hanging On Aquarium Filter, Submersible Water Pump, Internal Filter with Air Lift, Fish Dirt Filter Bucket, Battery Air Pump, Bio Balls Filter, Turtle Tank Filter, etc.. 

Why Do You Need Aquarium Pumps & Filters?

Aquarium pumps & filters keeping the water in your tank clean keeps the fish healthy and active. Recycling and filtration are the way to ensure that water stays healthy, rather than becoming a stagnant pool. Aquarium pumps are used to transport water to the surface of the water so that it interacts with the air (aeration). This is important because the interaction provides an opportunity to release carbon dioxide (harmful substances) into the air and oxygen (beneficial substances) into the water. Carbon dioxide is below the surface and needs to be stirred to rise. The aquarium pump also creates circulation, eliminating stagnation.

Aquarium Filters on fish tanks remove excess food, decaying organic matter, free-floating particles, dangerous chemicals and fish waste. Fish swim around in the water, constantly excrete waste. If the waste is not removed, the toxins released by the fish quickly build up to a high enough concentration that the fish is poisoned. The early stage is called ammonia stress -- when it becomes fatal, it is ammonia poisoning. In addition, suspended particles, decaying food and other organic matter, if left unchecked, can create muddy tank water.

Tips For Cleaning Your Aquarium Pumps & Filters

· Unplug the fish aquarium air filter first.
· Open the upper cover of the tank and remove the aquarium air filter from it.
· Because the tank is too high, you need to step on a stool to take out the aquarium air filter of the tank.
· The aquarium air filter consists of two parts to open his box.
· Rinse repeatedly with clean, running water. Until cleaned.
· Then install the aquarium air filter back into the tank.
· Close the upper cover of the fish tank and plug in the outlet of the aquarium air filter to make it work normally.

Be sure to unplug the Aquarium Pumps & Filters before removing it!
The filtration system has several layers, the first layer is filter cotton, the second layer is biochemical cotton, the third layer is glass ring, the fourth layer is activated carbon. Because the filter tank sealing and installation is more complex. In order to protect the nitrated bacterial system, it is not suitable for frequent cleaning. The first layer is a physical filter, which is particularly prone to fouling in order to keep out solid residue and impurities in the water. Cleaning is also one of these layers. Other layers should be cleaned less in order to reduce the loss of nitrifying bacteria. When cleaning, do not rub repeatedly.

SENZEAL specializes in Aquarium Pumps & Filters and aquariums equipment. Whether you buy artificial aquariums for freshwater aquariums, special aquariums for Marine fish or saltwater coral reef aquariums, our aquariums experts will help you choose the most perfect aquariums. We also provide a wide range of aquarium supplies, including aquarium decoration, aquarium temperature controller, aquarium lighting, oxygen pumps, etc.
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