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By Senzeal | 17 November 2023 | 0 Comments

What problems can occur when a female dog under a year old gives birth to puppies

Many newbies are both happy and scared that their female dog is pregnant. What they are afraid of is that they will not know what to do when the puppies are born. Today Senzeal will share with you the pregnancy duration and postpartum care knowledge of female dog.

About 55 days of pregnancy

I. Duration of pregnancy
Starting from the fertilization of the egg, the pregnancy duration of a female dog is generally 58 to 63 days, with an average of 60 days. The length of the pregnancy duration varies according to the breed, age, number of fetuses, feeding and management conditions and other factors.

II. Post-natal care of the female dog
1. Preventing the female dog from swallowing her puppies
Some female dogs have a bad habit of swallowing their puppies, so we should put a mouth cage on the female dog. The female dog swallows her puppies not because of hunger, but usually because of the careless handling of the puppies by the dogkeeper, which is mistakenly thought by the female dog that the puppies have been snatched and then she will swallow them in anger. Therefore, when the female dog is in labour, the dogkeeper should quietly stand by and pay attention to her, and at the same time, do not let a lot of people watch.

2. Post-natal hygiene
After delivery, the female dog's vulva, tail, breasts and other parts contaminated by bad dew should be carefully washed and dried with warm water. Be gentle during the scrubbing process so as not to affect her rest. And the blankets in the whelping box should also be changed frequently.

3. Friction of the skin
After delivery, the female dog is fatigued and at this time her skin senses are very keen and she is prone to colds. Therefore, after delivery, her skin should be rubbed with a towel, which can promote blood circulation and increase resistance, and also promote uterine contraction so that the placenta can be discharged quickly.

4. Post-natal feeding
The female dog is reluctant to eat within 24 hours after delivery. We can usually skip feeding her and just supply plenty of warm water, supplemented with brown sugar water if available. From the 2nd day onwards, feed every 4 hours. We should provide nutritious and easy-to-digest liquid food, such as a mixture of milk and eggs, thin rice with a small amount of egg yolk, bread, soya flour, broth, etc. From the 5th day onwards, the weak period of the female dog has passed, at this time we feed her in addition to ensuring the nutritional needs, but also to consider the needs of her lactation. Generally in the first week of lactation, the feed can be increased by 50% compared with the usual, by 100% in the second week, and by 200 to 300% in the third week, and then gradually reduced. Some nutritious things should also be added to the diet as appropriate, such as meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, calcium phosphate, yeast, cod liver oil, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and so on. The frequency of feeding is not less than 3 or 4 times a day.

5. Post-natal management
We should take care to keep the female dog's whole body clean and hygienic. Brush her hair daily and disinfect her udders regularly; Give the female dog a bath once a week. We should take her outside for a walk and sunbathing daily. The whelping box should be tanned once a week to keep it dry. 
After delivery, some pathological phenomena can occur in the female dog due to certain reasons, such as retained placenta, vaginal or uterine prolapse, endometritis, postpartum convulsions, acute mastitis, milk deficiency and so on. Therefore, we must always keep an eye on her and seek medical attention as soon as we notice any abnormality.


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