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What is the Marimo Moss Balls and How to Keep It?

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The Akan Lake, where the Marimo Moss Balls grow, is located in the Dandong area of Hokkaido, Japan. Most of the tourists coming to Hokkaido are active in the west area, so there are not many visitors going to Akan Lake. However, in Hokkaido, commercial Marimo Moss Balls are seen everywhere. They are kept in a wide variety of bottles, as well as various products such as flannel dolls and mobile phone straps.

The green Marimo Moss
Balls has a long history. As early as in prehistoric times, humans hunting in the jungle often collected a kind of colloidal blue-green algae in the soil as food. During the First World War, in order to solve the large-scale food famine, Professor Linnard of the University of Göttingen in Germany began to study the microalgae cultivation experiment of natural green algae grain. Later, many outstanding people in various countries have studied green algae. In Japan, the Marimo Moss Balls has become a popular green food.

The Marimo Moss
Balls is a kind of multicellular aquatic plant. The Marimo Moss Balls is green, filamentous, and forms loose spherical or irregular masses floating on the bottom of the water. The filaments are slender and flexible, dense and fluffy. The Marimo Moss Balls can adapt to different water qualities, luminosity and temperature changes. They can grow without additional fertilizer or carbon dioxide. Fix it on the surface of the driftwood or rock at the bottom of the aquarium, turn it regularly, or gently rub its surface by hand when changing the water, which can help to shape its ball shape. Chlorella balls generally do not spread and grow, so no trimming is required. The Marimo Moss Balls is a rare algae that can be used to decorate an aquarium. The shape of the Marimo Moss Balls is very unique. Some are as big as longan, some are as big as a dumpling, bringing bright color to the clear bottom.

The Marimo Moss
Balls is a unicellular green alga that grows alone or in a group. It is usually grown in fresh water and is often found on damp soils, rocks or trunks. Spring and autumn are the seasons of high yield of Marimo Moss Balls. The shape of the Marimo Moss Balls is spherical. In the fish tank aquascaping, it is often used as a foreground aquatic plants to embellish the whole view, which makes the whole fish tank immediately lively and lovely and full of vitality.

How to keep it? Firstly, we should make sure that the water is clean and in good condition, so we need to change the water regularly. The 
water pump filter aquarium can help you to exchange water quietly! It can also control the water flow. Second, the water temperature is stable and good. Third, gentle aquarium lighting is good enough. We have many Aquarium Lights for you to select. X9 Aquarium Light can even adjust brightness and detect the temperature at the same time. At last, we need to avoid keeping fishes and shrimps that eat plants with it.

The growth environment of the Marimo Moss
Illumination: 1000 Lux
Water temperature: 5-28 ° C
Location: foreground plants
Water hardness: 2-18 DH
PH value: 6.0-8.5
Planting difficulty: easy

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