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By Lorraine | 27 April 2020 | 0 Comments

What Does the Aquarium Bubbler Do and What Disadvantages Does It Have?

In addition to the beautiful aquatic life in the aquarium, have you noticed other interesting things in the aquarium? Many people may still be attracted by bubbles. Indeed, the way they float in the water at a hypnotic pace is very fascinating. Let's learn all you need to know about the aquarium bubbler!

What is a Fish Tank Bubbler?

A bubbler is any device that is connected to an air pump through an air duct, the purpose of which is to create beneficial bubbles in your fish tank. When these bubbles rise to the surface, they contribute to the oxidation of water and improve the living conditions of fish, plants and other organisms in the fish tank. Aquarium bubblers usually run 24/7. Examples of bubblers include airstones, bubble wands, and bubble walls. best aquarium bubbler

What Does the Aquarium Bubbler Do?

The aquarium bubbler itself has two useful functions:
1. Aerate the water
Fish absorb dissolved oxygen from the water to maintain breathing-without it, most species of fish will suffocate and die. Bubbler adds oxygen to your fish tank. Oxygen seems to enter the water from the bubbles. But this only involves a very small part. Most of the oxygen in the fish tank enters from the surface and is dissolved into the water by the process of gas exchange. The function of the aquarium bubbler is that when the bubbles rise, they stir the water surface, allowing more oxygen to enter the water.
2. Increase water movement
When the bubbles rise, so does the water. This creates a stream of water that allows water to circulate in your tank. Because the air bubbles rise slowly, the result is usually a smoother flow of water than a powerhead passing through the tank. This promotes the water cycle to a certain extent.

Do You Know if You Need an Aquarium Bubbler or Not?

If the water is not circulating or oxygen is low in your aquarium, a bubbler may be just what you need!
In many fish tanks, the benefits of a bubbler can be easily realized with equipment already in the fish tank. For example, you can point the filter at the surface. Saltwater tanks should especially have filtration and circulation to defeat any bubbler. However, for smaller freshwater settings, a fish tank bubbler may be beneficial.
It's worth noting that the type of fish also determines whether you need a bubbler. Some fish have adapted to still water, such as betta, and can even suck water from the surface. In this case, the water movement caused by the bubbler can actually put pressure on the fish.
What Are the Disadvantages of the Aquarium Bubbler?
If you want to put a bubbler in your fish tank, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. Bubbler is clearly visible
It's a matter of personal taste.
It is difficult to ignore the trajectory of bubbles rising from the bubbler in the aquarium.
Even if you hide the bubbler behind the plant or in the matrix, you can clearly see the flow of bubbles.
Although some aquarium staff found that these bubbles can enhance the effect of the aquarium, some others think that these bubbles are ugly, unnatural and not suitable for displaying fish tanks.
2. Air bubbles can promote salt creep in saltwater tanks
If you have a saltwater tank, you are unlikely to buy a bubbler anyway. Bubblers can severely alter salt creep.
Although you may not be able to see it, when the bubbles burst on the surface of your fish tank, they will splash a small amount of water.
For its part, this is not a problem. But in saltwater tanks, when the water dries, a small amount of salt crystals remains.
It is for this reason that most owners of saltwater tanks recommend the use of a circulating pump, also known as a circulating fan or wave generator, as it can provide the same effects as a salt-free creep bubbler.

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