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The Knowledge in Fish Tank Ornaments.

The Knowledge in Fish Tank Ornaments.

An aquarium needs to be decorated like a house, but laymen often ignore the plain objects. At the first glance, there is nothing but fish, aquatic plants swaying with the waves, and some stones in an aquarium. However, there is some knowledge hidden behind it:

1. Aquatic plants

When we mention fish tank decorations, it is easy to remind of aquatic plants. Aquatic plants generally refer to the aquatic plants that can grow or live in an aquarium. There are four kinds of aquatic plants including submerged plants, floating plants, emerged plants, and neutral plants, among which submerged plants are most suitable for aquarium cultivation. Does it just beautify the fish tank? Actually, it's not. It also has another very powerful function: It can be used as a biofiltration material. It can not only absorb most of the inorganic salts and harmless substances but also effectively reduce the content of nitrate in water. The aquatic plants that can be bought on market are stem aquatic plants, tussock aquatic plants, peperomia aquatic plants, Anubias aquatic plants, and crown aquatic plants, and you can choose the most suitable aquatic plants according to their morphological characteristics to decorate your aquarium.

2. The bottom sand

Since you choose to grow aquatic plants, you can't just put them in the tank directly, at this time bottom sand is needed to hold the plants in place. Base fertilizer should be applied before planting aquatic plants, and the base fertilizer is mainly applied on the bottom sand to become the energy reservoir of aquatic plants. We can begin to select the bottom sand with a clear purpose. First of all, the base fertilizer should neither be too fine nor too thick. The space among too fine sand will be too dense and there will be insufficient oxygen, which can easily cause rotten roots and poor water quality; too thick bottom sand is unable to press and fix the aquatic plants so that the aquatic plants can’t take roots. Therefore, it is recommended that the bottom sand with a diameter of 2-5mma and a thickness of 6-8mm is more appropriate.

3. Stones

With the foreshadowing above, you perhaps naturally think that adding a few more quietly elegant stones would be more appropriate and more beautiful. What kinds of stones can we choose from?

Appeared stone: It is spectacular to install rugged mountains made of steel-grey or black-grey appeared stones in the aquarium. The fish in the aquarium is likely to swim among the mountains.

Lake stone: This is the rockery material that we often see in some parks and courtyards, which is commonly known as Taihu lake stone. The color is greyish white. It will be great landscaping if we carve the lake stones into steep mountains and place them in the aquarium.

Cobblestone: This kind of stone is available in the easiest way. You can pick colorful cobblestones from any river or lake.

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