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By Senzeal | 25 December 2020 | 0 Comments

The Cleaning Method of Fish Tank Filter

The Cleaning Method of Fish Tank Filter

The fish tank filter is a common equipment in the fish tank. In the process of raising ornamental fish, the fish tank filter can maintain the water quality of the fish tank, but it needs to be cleaned after being used for a long time, so as to ensure the cleaner operation of the fish tank. So how should the fish tank filter be cleaned? And what problems need to be paid attention to?

I. Steps:
Step 1: clean the filter cotton
Step 2: clean the biochemical cotton
Step 3: clean the glass ring (ceramic ring, biological stone, etc.) 
Step 4: clean the activated carbon (ammonia absorption stone, medical stone, etc.)

Due to the relatively complex sealing and installation of the filter barrel, and in order to protect the nitrifying bacteria system, it is not suitable to clean the filter frequently. Therefore, the selected filter materials should be more expensive and more advanced.

The first layer of filtration is a kind of physical filtration, which mainly blocks the solid residue in the water, so this layer is particularly easy to be dirty. This layer is also the main cleaning layer. The other layers are usually rarely cleaned because it is easy to lose nitrifying bacteria if they are often washed. The cleaning should be carried out when changing the water for the fish tank.

Take out the filter cotton and rinse it repeatedly in the water drawn out from the fish tank. You can also use a water suction pipe to backwash the filter cotton (the impulse force is obviously very limited). Pay attention to the following points when cleaning:

1. Clean the filter cotton with the original fish tank water. Cleaning the filter cotton with original fish tank water can reduce the loss of beneficial bacteria, which can extend the cleaning interval of the filter cotton.

2. Do not rub and wring out the filter cotton as you wash clothes. Soak the filter cotton into the original fish tank water and stir it to throw out dirty things. If you rub the filter cotton, dirty things will accumulate in the deep layer of the filter cotton easily.

Clean the biochemical cotton: put it in water and gently pinch it a few times. Do not wash it too thoroughly because there are a lot of bacteria attaching to it. If you clean it too thoroughly, the bacteria need to reproduce again, and the water in the fish tank will not be clear.

The cleaning method of the ceramic ring: put the ceramic ring into a pot and boil it for half an hour, then soak it into potassium permanganate for half an hour, and then rinse it with water. The yellowing does not affect the use because there are microorganisms inside. In fact, in the normal cleaning, you just pour out the dirty things and wash the ceramic ring several times. Do not clean it too thoroughly.

II. Other precautions for cleaning:

1. Remove the fish tank filter from the water or disconnect the power supply of the filter in any maintenance.

2. Frequently cleaning/replacing the filter cotton and activated carbon is a necessary condition to ensure effective filtration.


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