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By Senzeal | 25 December 2020 | 0 Comments

Saves Energy and Effort to Heat a Fish Tank!

Saves Energy and Effort to Heat a Fish Tank

Many fish farmers like to use tank heaters for their fish in the winter to prevent them from sinking in low temperatures. So do you know how should we choose a heater? Is it better to have more power or do we need to choose according to the size of the tank?

I. Type of tank heater

There are two main types of tank heaters on the market. One is split, where the controller is on the outside and the tank heater is in the fish tank. The other is integrated, where the controller and the tank heater are fully immersed in water. Generally speaking, neither of the two is necessarily better than the other, but the former is more convenient than the latter, and the price is relatively higher. However, in general, the temperature of the water tank heater does not need to be adjusted frequently, so the impact is not significant.

II. What power of the tank heater should the fish tank be equipped with?

At the extreme, a small fish tank with a large wattage heater will increase the water temperature quickly. There will be no problem if the temperature control is sensitive. However, if the tank heater has been used for a long time and gets aging, causing temperature control not sensitive, the water temperature in the fish tank can not be well controlled. So the temperature keeps rising, and the final result may be the temperature becomes too high. On the contrary, if the tank heater with small wattage is used in the large fish tank, the temperature will be low in winter. Although the tank heater can work all the time, the water temperature may continue to drop or maintain at a relatively low temperature, which can not meet the requirements.

Therefore, the number of watts of each fish tank heater can not be randomly selected, and the power size needs to be a reasonable choice. There is a reduction formula: Length cm * Width cm * Height cm / 1000 = L. So you can easily calculate the volume of the fish tank water by measuring the length, width, and height of your fish tank. In particular, for friends with a bottom filter tank, don't forget to add the volume of water in the bottom filter tank.

III. Is it expensive to choose a high-power tank heater?

After the thermostat has set the temperature, the power will be cut off and the heat pump will stop running when the water temperature in the tank reaches the set value, and this will be repeated to ensure the water temperature. Consumers need to pay attention to it that some heat pumps are equipped with temperature control function and some need to be added. The power is similar to the power consumption, but the heating time is different.

Most of the time, the water temperature in the fish tank can not reach the temperature set by our water tank heater, and it is generally a few degrees lower. This is a relatively normal situation because sometimes the surrounding temperature is too low to achieve the ideal temperature of the tank. At the same time, the placement of the tank heater is also very important, and the best way is to place the tank horizontally in the fish tank with a large flow of water.


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