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How to Keep the Siamese Tigerfish?

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A typical siamese tigerfish has a wider body with a higher back and there are two black lines on its tail. Compared with other tigerfishes, siamese tiger fish are thicker and therefore more popular with fish keepers. How can we raise these strong tiger fishes?

Siamese tigerfish is a large tropical ornamental fish. The fish keeper needs to prepare a fish tank that is at least 150cm long, 60cm wide and 60cm high to meet its feeding requirements. It is very amazing that siamese tigerfish can eat a lot in their growth period. Therefore, it needs to have a strong filtration system for its fish tank to ensure water quality. Only when the water quality is good enough will they be full of vim and vigor.

The ability of siamese tigerfish to adapt to different water environments is higher than other common fishes, and its requirements for water temperature and PH value are not too high. It can survive in environments where the water temperature is between 26 and 33 degrees and the pH is between 5 and 8.5. However, it requires a higher amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. We need to create an environment with high dissolved oxygen for them. We suggest you can try this
Air Stone for your fish tank. The aerator bubble stone will increase the level of dissolved oxygen in the water, produce a cylinder of fine bubbles which effectively oxygenate the water for your fish.

The siamese tigerfish is a ferocious predatory fish that likes to eat a live bait. It can usually be fed with small fishes and shrimp or loach. If you want to feed it with shrimp, you need to first cut down shrimp head and tail to avoid hurting its stomach. Loch is strong in life and difficult to be digested. In order to avoid it drilling the stomach of the tigerfish, the loach needs to be treated before feeding. You can feed them with red worms by using this
Cone-Shaped Red Worm Feeder. It can free-floating, or attached to the side of the aquarium with the strong adsorption suction cup.

Although the siamese tigerfish is a fierce fish, it is timid, and the siamese tigerfish in the new tank need time to adapt to the new environment. Therefore, it is not necessary to feed it so early, When it gets used to the new tank, you can start to feed it. In addition, siamese tigerfish lives in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

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