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By Lorraine | 29 June 2020 | 0 Comments

Grow fish in a flower pot

senzeal fish tank

What if I want to grow fish in a pot? Following these principles, fish will become fat and flowers will grow vigorously. People nowadays are pursuing the quality of life, enjoying flowers and in their free time, which makes life more fun and brings more warmth to the family. How beautiful would it be when the flowers and fish are kept together? Appreciate them together, life is too beautiful.
senzeal fish

Cities have begun to raise flowers and fish together, and grow together under the same roof, which can not only improve the environment, but also allow them to have a pleasant living space. It's also very simple, which makes the home more warm, and the fish fat and flowers grow vigorously.
senzeal fish tank
senzeal fish tank


Keeping flowers and fish need to follow the five-point principle.

1. Be sure to choose an aquarium flower pot with a large space, so that the fish can move freely inside, and the flowers and plants can get a better breath.

2. The cultivated flowers and plants must be non-toxic, because the toxic flowers and plants will harm the fish once they are with the fish, so that they cannot achieve the signs of co-growth, and do not raise too many flowers and plants, one or two are enough.

3. Choosing fish is very important. The resistance and vitality must be super tenacious. The volume should not be too large. The smaller the better, it is best to put two to three in a flower pot. The fish should not be too noble, just choose normal guppies and small goldfish.

4. If you want fish and plants to grow better, you must diligently change the water source for it. Don’t let the water get polluted. The clearer the water, the faster their growth rate. Sun the tap water well in advance so that the temperature of the water is close to the indoor temperature so that fish and plants are not affected. Every time you change the water, you must add some nutrients to it, so that the fish can grow up healthily and the plants grow leafy.

5. If the leaves and roots of plants in the pots show bad signs, they must be handled in time to avoid affecting the normal breathing and growth of the fish. If you want to keep plants and fish together, you can use the ecological bottle. This ecological bottle is also developed exclusively to allow fish and plants to grow together. The appreciation value is very high, and you can have different fun. Regardless of the ecological bottle is placed in any corner, it can bring you a happy mood. 

If you are good at hand-made, you can also make it on your own, as long as it meets the needs of fish and plants. In short, the flower pots need to be large enough. Don’t put too many fish and plants, as long as there is a sense of beauty and mood, the fish must be live-resistant, and the plants must be free of poisonous gas. When changing the water, prepare it to be close to room temperature in advance. After changing the water, you can add nutrient solution, and then put the fish and plants, so you can raise a pot of beautiful “art”.

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