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Fish Tank Light Is the Key to Successful Fish Culture.

Fish Tank Light Is the Key to Successful Fish Culture.

Fish tank lights made specifically for fish tanks should be chosen in the installation, and it is also the key to the success of the fish tank.

1. Promote fish growth:

The growth and development speed of fish is fast with lights, and the breeding cycle will also be shortened to a certain extent. Moreover, the appropriate light not only can make the color of fish more beautiful but also is convenient for us to admire the fish. However, the time of illumination should not be too long. It is also necessary to provide enough rest time for fish at night. The lighting should not be on 24 hours a day.

2. Promote plant growth:

If there are plants such as aquatic plants in the fish tank, proper light can promote their growth. Moreover, their photosynthesis is inseparable from light. The appropriate light can promote the release of oxygen. In addition, the fish tank light can also play a decorative role in the fish tank. At present, there are many kinds of lights with various colors on the market. The lights can play a good decorative role and provide a better viewing effect.

3. Heating:

The heating function mainly aims at some tropical fish, because this kind of fish has a very high requirement for water temperature and the temperature needs to be kept between 20-30 ℃. Too cold water will affect their appetite and may cause death. Some heating lights have replaced heating rods, which can raise the temperature of the environment.

4. Color attraction:

Some ornamental fish are colorful, and their color is often related to the light. Therefore, the fish tank light can also make some fish look more beautiful. For example, providing a red light source for red Scleropages and parrotfish can increase their color degree; some fish prefer blue light.

It is important to pay attention to the proper use of lighting time. Do not keep the lights on all the time, because fish also have their own rules of life. Long time illumination is not conducive to the growth of fish. For places with insufficient light, the lighting time also needs to be controlled at about 8 hours. In addition, when turning on the light, please be sure to turn on the softer light in the room first and wait for a few minutes before turning on the fish tank light.

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