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By Lorraine | 13 May 2020 | 0 Comments

Create a World for Your Turtle in the Home Aquarium


The place where something lives is called its habitat. If you live in a house, then the house is your habitat. This part of the article discusses how to build a habitat for your turtle. For most new turtle lovers, the easiest habitat to build is in a pond, just like the pond used to raise fish. This is what we will discuss.
If you are reading this article, it is because you plan to buy or adopt a turtle, right? Because the best time to establish a turtle habitat is before you get a turtle. Of course, sometimes this is not the case. Sometimes people will get a turtle (usually a small turtle at a market or carnival) and then realize that it needs a better home than that small plastic container.
If you already have a turtle and you need to build a habitat as soon as it grows too large, then the best thing you can do is to quickly build a simple, larger habitat. The most important things a water turtle needs are proper heating, proper lighting, clean water and proper food. Focus on those things first, and forget about substrates, plants, and other fancy things. Then, once you have done something important, you can make it more interesting later.

What you must have to set up turtle habitat


The most important things you need to set up the turtle habitat-what you absolutely must have-are listed below.
A large enough water tank and bracket. You must use a tank designed to hold water, like a fish tank, instead of a container designed to hold terrestrial (terrestrial) reptiles, like iguanas or desert turtles. The water tanks of terrestrial reptiles are not strong enough to hold water.
A way to get water into the tank. Aquarium water changing tools are the most convenient method, but buckets are also acceptable. You can also use a hose, but make sure it is approved for drinking water.
A place where your turtle can be basked in the sun. This is a dry place. Sunbathing is something that aquatic turtles must do to survive and be healthy.
Proper lighting produces warmth and different kinds of light that turtles need.
One or more heaters to keep the water in the turtle's habitat in the correct temperature range.
You should choose non-glass heaters, such as those manufactured, high-quality stainless steel aquarium heaters or heaters installed on protective heater covers. Otherwise, the turtle may smash the glass heater and be electrocuted! You will need at least two thermometers: one to measure the water temperature and the other to measure the air temperature in the sunbathing area.
A system to keep the water in the turtle's habitat clean. This almost always means using filters. If you do not use a filter, you will have to change the water in the tank every few days.
A fish tank water test kit or test strip to check the chemical composition and quality of the water. Test paper is easier for beginners, but if used properly, the test paper will be more accurate.

Other things you may need to build a turtle habitat


There are other things that are good, but you don't absolutely need them, including:
The substrate is used to lay something on the bottom of a turtle tank, such as gravel, pebble, caribou, or flour in an aquarium. Unless you plan to use live plants that need to be rooted, or if you have pets that keep digging like soft-shell turtles, you do not necessarily need a substrate.
An aquarium air pump ventilates the water. This helps to inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria, and turtles seem to like these bubbles. If you also have fish or other gill-breathing animals (such as ghost shrimp), then you must have ventilation, otherwise, these animals will die.
Decorations such as artificial plants or fish tank background. Decoration can make people and turtle habitats less boring.
Live plants. If you are lucky enough to plan to buy or adopt a turtle before you get a turtle, then you can take your time and create a proud habitat. After all, building a small world of your turtle is part of this fun hobby. You are creating the whole world of your turtle! So unless you have a turtle impatiently waiting for the key to his or her new place, you can take your time and enjoy the process.
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