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By Senzeal | 03 July 2019 | 0 Comments

Common Diseases of Betta splendens Regan

If living in a good water environment, betta is rarely sick because it has a robust body. However, they will also get sick in some unexpected situations.

1.White spot disease
White spot disease is the most common disease that the betta fish gets, especially when the temperature is low in winter or when the water is changed. The treatment method is: increase the water temperature, and keep the water temperature not lower than 30 ° C. Then use methyl blue and other drugs to cure them. It usually can work.

2.Velvet disease
The betta fish suffering from this disease is covered with extremely small "white powder", and its white spots are much smaller than white spots. When the condition becomes serious, the sick betta is like covering a layer of white dust. Actually this is caused by some protozoa on the surface of its body. Therefore, it can be cured by using some drugs for protozoa.
3.Fin shrinking disease
Betta suffering from this disease is characterized by darker body color and loss of appetite. This is usually because the living space is too small or poor water quality. Th8s disease can cause bacterial infection of the fin or the whole body. Unless it has infected for a too long time or it is already uncurable, treatment with a generic therapeutic bacterial drug sold in the aquarium market can help to cure. However, if you can't improve its living environment, it will get sick again. We suggest you keep this 
triple betta aquarium to provide large living space and good water quality for betta.
Betta often causes injuries in fins and other parts of the body due to fighting. Under poor water quality or other harsh environmental conditions, it is easily infected by bacteria and mold. Therefore, once we find betta gets an injury, we should use an antibiotic agents immediately helping them recover as quickly as possible and avoid getting an infection.

In addition, under the premise of ensuring the proper living environment, good water quality and suitable water temperature, it is necessary to ensure that fodder is rich and varied. These are the key to the healthy growth of betta.

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