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By Lorraine | 12 May 2020 | 0 Comments

Choose the Right Fish to Live with Turtles in Your Aquarium

After you've decided to keep fish and turtles in the same tank, you need to think about what types of fish to choose to live with a turtle. But before that let's talk about choosing the right turtle.

Choosing the right turtle is very important

This may be something that many people don't even think of, but what kind of turtle you choose does affect your fish's chances of survival. So you need to spend more time and think seriously, in order to choose the right turtle to keep in the aquarium! This is important for your turtle, your fish, and even other creatures.
Some types of turtles are better at hunting and eating fish than others. In particular, red-eared slider turtles, painted turtles and cooters are very good at this.
Other species, such as mud turtles and musk turtles, are not skilled hunters like slider turtles, nor are they as interested in hunting as they are.
Believe it or not, when you put a group of fish in the same tank with a juvenile red-eared slider turtle, this is a disaster!
Now, this does not mean that if you have a slider, painted or cooter you are out of luck or unable to carry out your aquarium breeding plan. If you have one of these species, you can still do the following things:
You can wait until the turtles grow up and have matured.
As the turtle's age, they consume less and less protein, and more and more vegetarian foods and green vegetables.
When this happens, your turtle is very unlikely to use fish as food.

Choosing the right fish for your fish tank is necessary

After choosing a suitable turtle species to live with fish, now you can think about a new problem.
In a closed environment, what kind of fish is best for living with turtles?
If "fast", "smart", or even "feisty" are the first words you think of, then you are right!
Some fish simply cannot get along well with turtles, but a small amount of fish can indeed live with turtles peacefully.
All species that work well with the turtles and can get along peacefully have the following characteristics:

1. They move quickly. In essence, they can easily get rid of a slower, more clumsy turtle’s chasing.
2. They are either small or thin. Medium-sized fish, even those with long fins and long tails, can hardly escape quickly.
3. They are smart (at least for a fish). You can have the fastest fish in the world, but if it thinks it can survive as long as it stays still in the middle of the turtle, it will actually not live long. So they must be smarter than that to survive.
4. They can be a bit aggressive. You have to be careful here because you don't want a fish that is too aggressive. Basically, fish that can bite back is more likely to scare away your turtle than fish chased around.  
Be careful of what animals to keep with turtles
Basically, you should avoid putting anything that is too aggressive, or anything that might injure, harm, or kill your turtle in the same aquarium.
This means avoiding the following species at all costs!
2. Piranha
3. Electric eel
4. Lobster  
Having said that, can other species live with turtles?
The following are some other animals that may not be suitable for living with turtles, which you need to pay special attention to:
Putting invertebrates and turtles together is not a good idea because they will definitely be eaten. Unless you have a lot of hiding places, keeping expensive invertebrates and turtles together is not recommended.
Crustaceans like shrimps can live in the same fish tank as turtles. However, many turtles like to treat them as snacks. So, unless you set a certain hiding place in the aquarium for the shrimps, it’s not recommended that you put the shrimps and turtles together. You have to accept this cruel fact that even if you have a lot of hiding places, sooner or later the turtles will eat some of the softshell animals such as shrimp.
Now you’ve learned about what fish and turtle to keep together, if you don’t have a water tank or other fish tank supplies, please go to all categories at for more!

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