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By Lorraine | 29 June 2020 | 0 Comments

Can fish eggs hatch successfully without a incubator?

Many friends raise ornamental fish, and the conditions created for their fish are not very good. For example, there is not much space reserved at home, resulting in a large number of ornamental fish and a small number of fish tanks.
But even this way, it can't reduce our love for ornamental fish, and many friends will still keep ornamental fish very well until they can successfully breed, but this time the problem comes, we have no fish tanks given to them alone, especially for some oviparous fish, the situation is even worse.

senzeal fish incubator
Recently, many fish friends often ask such questions: What should I do if my fish lay eggs, and there are other ornamental fish in the fish tank, or on the sunken wood or on the wall of the tank? Other friends’ parrotfishes are laying eggs and asked what should be done. There are also goldfish, grass gold and other varieties, which are much ornamental fish that are mixed in a fish tank.
For most oviparous ornamental fish, not only the eggs and fry are difficult to keep,  but sometimes, the breeding of this ornamental fish will also have a certain impact on much ornamental fish with egg-protecting behaviors.
Let’s talk about parrotfish, many friends know that they are artificial fish, that is, species that are artificially hybridized, and their eggs cannot hatch small fish. In this case, two ordinary parrot fish lay eggs in the fish tank, either let other fish eat them or directly dispose of them. It is no problem to take out the spawns such as sunken wood and clean them.

senzeal breeding
In fact, most of the fish eggs do not have to be hatched in a separate aquarium incubator.  For example, we put things like water plants in the fish tank, and the goldfish spawn on it.  In fact, you can put the fish eggs in the washbasin to hatch, pay attention to the water temperature and quality, and don’t make it lack oxygen. A breeding box for fish tank is also a good choice.
Most tropical fish and cichlids, if there is no large aquarium incubator to breed, we can use the big fish to take care of the small fish, let the small fish be hatched in the above container, and then artificial feeding.

senzeal fish breeding

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