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Beautiful water plants in the fish tank landscaping

Beautiful water plants in the fish tank landscaping
1.Water Ficus

When hearing this name, people may think it is a kind of banyan tree. In fact, Water Ficus is not a banyan tree, it just a bit like a banyan tree. The origin of Water Ficus is distributed in tropical Asia and Oceania, and it has strong adaptability. The water quality that Water Ficus prefers is relatively hard, so it is best to raise it with hard water. If soft water (acidic water) is used for feeding, there is a high probability that the roots of Water Ficus will rot and yellow.

This aquatic grass is a negative grass and does not require strong light. But the fact that it belongs to the negative grass does not mean that it can be placed in an environment without light. Such an environment will prevent Water Ficus from photosynthesis, and then the chlorophyll will be lost, and Water Ficus will become yellow and die. The light-adapted by Water Ficus is scattered light, which means that it does not require direct light as strong as sunlight to satisfy them. 

Water Ficus adapts to a temperature between 22℃ and 29℃. If the temperature is too high, Water Ficus will appear to stagnate. But too low water temperature is not good for Water Ficus, after all, it is aquatic plants in tropical regions.

Water Ficus is an epiphytic plant, which is what it has in common with the banyan tree. The banyan tree will grow a lot of aerial roots, some hang on the branches, and some will attach to the climbing objects, and it is difficult to pull down. Water Ficus is the same. 

In fact, the maintenance of Water Ficus is very simple. It is known as the "immortal grass" and it can live in the water. It does not need too complicated maintenance methods.


Moss is actually a moss plant. The bryophytes refer to two types of plants. The lichen plants are creeping, spreading, and growing like a net, but the moss plants have stems. Moss, a plant with stems, is a lichen plant. Generally, Moss is divided into water leaves and underwater leaves, most of the Moss for sale belong to underwater leaves.

Moss is very intolerant of high temperatures, and yellowing of leaves is normal in summer, and usually recovers quickly in autumn. But if you don’t control the temperature when it turns yellow, Moss has the probability of dying. The temperature is preferably maintained between 25-29℃. Moss is divided into positive and negative varieties, most of which are negative water plants. Before buying, you should ask the seller whether the purchased variety is positive or negative and then control the light.

Finally, let’s solve a question: does carbon dioxide need to be used for growing water plants?
In fact, the grass can grow without carbon dioxide. But it will be better if you use carbon dioxide. All water plants like to grow in an environment full of carbon dioxide. If you want to make aquatic plants grow well, carbon dioxide is essential.


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