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Aquarium LED Timing Light with Extendable Brackets 10W/19W

Aquarium LED timing light with extendable brackets supports lighting time setting in 3h/6h/12h, and the color-changing is available for 3 modes. Adjustable 5 levels of brightness.  Simulated natural light, good for aquarium plants grow.
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    10W 220V 19W 220V
(40 available)
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Aquarium LED Timing Light Details:
- Shell color: Silver
- Shell material: Aluminum alloy
- Lampshade material: Acrylic
- Wattage: 10W, 19W
- Voltage: 85-240V
- Hz: 50/60Hz
- Output voltage:
10W - 12V 1.5A
19W - 12V 2A
- LED chip model: 5730
- Lamp bead amount:
10W - 24pcs
19W - 42pcs
- Size: (L*W*H)
10W - 30*8*4cm
19W - 60*8*4cm
- Color: 3 modes (white-blue-red, white, blue-red)
- LED Bead Color: white, blue, red
- Power cord length: 2m
Aquarium LED Timing Light Features:
- Simulated natural light, good for aquarium plants grow.
- 5 levels of light brightness.
- 3 color modes changeable: white-blue-red, white, blue-red.
- LED lighting timing set up: 3h/6h/12h.
  After the set time is up, the lights will not all go out.
  It will retain 10% of the current brightness.
- Setting:
3h - yellow indicator light on, 21 hours later, resume to the original brightness mode.
6h - green indicator light on, 18 hours later resume.
12h - red indicator light on, 12 hours later resume.
- 5730 model large LED beads, more bright.
- Aluminum alloy shell, fast heat dissipation.
- 1 pair of extendable mounting brackets available.
  The 10W one can most be used for up to 35cm length fish tank.
  The 19W one can most be used for up to 64cm length fish tank.
- The detachable connecting adapter allows for the replacement if you buy both the specifications.
Aquarium LED Timing Light Note:
- The adapter connection part is not waterproof, please be careful use.
Aquarium LED Timing Light Package included:
1* LED Timing Light

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